The Best Tom Ford Colognes

When you think of renaissance designer Tom Ford, you think sharp style, uncompromising quality, and luxurious sophistication. As is the case with his impeccable clothing brand, the best Tom Ford colognes heighten the aesthetic of a man.

Mr. Ford admitted during an interview that he believes cologne to be more important than clothes. This passion is what has not only made him a style icon but also a scent idol. He is unabashed, fearless, and summons sex appeal like no other.

Men, take heed. Wearing the best Tom Ford colognes will absolutely set you apart from the rest.

Why The Best Tom Ford Colognes Are So Popular

Tom Ford launched his fragrance line in 2006 with Black Orchid, a beloved scent that was originally designed for women but quickly grew in popularity with men. Subsequently, he has developed his fragrance line to be predominantly genderless.

It is the quality of the best Tom Ford colognes that make them so popular. He is bold in his approach with note combinations, and every fragrance is impeccably curated by the man himself.

The Tom Ford Fragrance Collections

The best Tom Ford colognes are divided into collections. There are two price ranges in order to accommodate the luxury consumer and the cost-conscious buyer: Private Blend (pricey) and Signature (affordable). Both ranges have scent families within them that intersect, and have a similarity in theme.  

  • Private Blend
    • Tom Ford has described this collection as his “personal scent laboratory.”
    • It is experimental and opulent, edgy and unrestrained by convention.
    • Each fragrance begins with the extract from a single note such as amber, tobacco, black violet, leather, or gardenia.
  • Signature
    • The best Tom Ford colognes in this collection are essentially the most successful outcomes from his Private Blend experiments.
    • These fragrances appeal to a broader market and are more affordable than the Private Blend colognes.
    • They have the integrity and complexity of their higher-priced counterparts.
  • Noir
    • The theme in this collection is an evening-appropriate sensuality.
    • Even though the best Tom Ford colognes in this collection share a name, these fragrances are more like cousins than brothers. They each have a different composition bearing little resemblance.
    • It features four key Signature colognes and one Private Blend cologne:
      • Noir (warm and powdery);
      • Noir Eau de Toilette (light and citrusy);
      • Noir Extreme (sweet, spicy, and cakey);
      • Noir Anthracite (smoky and woody);
      • and Noir de Noir (Private Blend; earthy, spicy rose).
  • Portofino
    • The theme in this collection is lighter notes, appropriate for all seasons but perfect for day wear.
    • The best Tom Ford colognes featured in this collection are:
      • Neroli Portofino (light and fresh, citrusy and herby aromatics);
      • Neroli Portofino Acqua (bitter, sporty edge);
      • and Fleur de Portofino (honeyed and floral).
  • Oud
    • The theme in this collection is wood and complex sweetness. It is the Oud fragrances by Tom Ford that men most associate with the designer.
    • The best Tom Ford colognes featured in this collection are:
      • Oud Wood (the star of the collection, one of the few Ford colognes to have its own ancillary products, such as a body moisturizer, shower gel and beard oil);
      • Tobacco Oud (spicy, tobacco edge);
      • Oud Fleur (floral, rose);
      • and Oud Minérale (smoky wood and salty marine hints). 

The Best Tom Ford Colognes

Tom Ford colognes are universally sexy but individually focused on the desire they create. With a wide assortment of options within the collections, it is certain you will find one to fit your palate. The following cover the collections listed above to provide guidance on how to shop Tom Ford fragrance. 

  1. Patchouli Absolu

This cologne is part of the Private Blend collection. The earthy aroma of patchouli is a fan favorite of men’s fragrances but Tom Ford’s incantation softens the scent with touches of amber, musk, and leather.

Like most of Ford’s fragrances, Patchouli Absolu is genderless, but it smells particularly good on a man’s skin; the woodsiness comes alive. On a woman, the creamy, suede-like notes emerge more.

  1. Neroli Portofino

This best Tom Ford cologne is one of his highest-selling creations and is part of the Signature and Portofino collections. It speaks of sparkling blue waters, cool breezes, and lush foliage of the Mediterranean.

A beautiful, fresh blend of Sicilian lemon, neroli, bergamot, lavender, and amber, the scent’s emphasis on uplifting citrus notes means it is the perfect pick-me-up for travel or sport. It is likened to sunshine in a bottle.

Tom Ford

  1. Noir

Part of the Signature and Noir collections, this best Tom Ford cologne announces big violet floral notes at its heart. It initiates as powdery and spicy, from a combination of iris and black pepper. As it matures, warm and creamy vanilla and amber shine through.

Noir is long lasting, making it a favorite among men. It is also a classic for a romantic evening out.

Tom Ford Noir

  1. Tom Ford For Men

A favorite of the Signature collection, this woody, spicy cologne is sensual, smart, and complex. It is also exceedingly affordable.

What makes it pop is the inclusion of Moroccan grapefruit flower, a precious ingredient hand-harvested from blossoms just three weeks a year. Top notes of ginger, tobacco leaf, and bergamot make it instantly appealing. Tom Ford For Men is an accessible cologne; it is great for any season or time of day.

Tom Ford for Men

  1. Tuscan Leather

A Signature collection staple loved by both men and women, Tom Ford’s twisted spin on traditional leather fragrance screams sensuality. Its predominate notes are saffron, black pepper, jasmine, tobacco, and amber wood. However, the unexpected addition of raspberry is deliciously intelligent as a means to tame the masculinity of the scent. 

Warning: Tuscan Leather is potent. Over spraying is not recommended.

Tom Ford

  1. Oud Wood

A standout cologne from the Private Blend collection, Oud Wood takes one of Tom Ford’s polarizing yet beautifully unique favorites and makes it accessible to all.

Exotic and sensual without being overly rich or strong, its smokiness is softened by citrus notes, cedarwood, and patchouli. Oud Wood is rich, lush, and warm. It is the perfect masculine cologne.

Tom Ford


Selecting the best Tom Ford cologne for you will be an enjoyable process with so many options from which to choose. As interesting and tailored as the man himself, Tom Ford fragrances, much like his clothing, offer an impressive range, with affordable options, to fit any pleasure.   

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