The Best Creed Colognes

When a man wears Creed cologne, he is wearing a piece of world history.

The best Creed colognes have been in existence for more than 250 years. They are the only dynasty in the fragrance industry that has lasted for seven generations. Their scent artistry is under the direction of only two perfumers: father and son, any given decade or century.

Since its founding in England in 1760 by James Henry Creed, the prestige associated with the brand has made the best Creed colognes unquestionable favorites for royals, politicians, and celebrities. The House of Creed moved to Paris in 1854 and continued to only cater to royalty until 1970, when a line of the best Creed colognes became available to the public.

For nearly 50 years, Creed boutiques have been carefully placed in the most cosmopolitan of cities. Their finely curated scents have made them one of the most beloved fragrance lines for men and women worldwide.   


Why The Best Creed Colognes Are So Popular

The first cologne created by The House of Creed was Royal English Leather. It was designed for King George III and his court as a gesture of olfactory luxury. James Henry Creed wanted the king, when he would customarily rest his chin on his hand, to inhale the glove’s fine aroma.

This sophistication in concocting scents is what makes the best Creed colognes so popular for men and women. The use of different flowers, woods, water, and other elements is unmatched. With a catalog of over 200 one-of-a-kind scents that have spanned its lifetime, Creed’s handmade masterpieces are created from quality essences. They contain the highest percentage of the best natural components in the perfume industry.

  • The purest rose essences are from Bulgaria, Turkey, and Morocco; real jasmine and iris from Florence; and tuberose from India.
  • Creed’s infusion technique, no longer the mass industry standard, enables the brand the preserve the originality of the fragrance.
  • Creed’s trademark is to manufacture its own infusions of vanilla, civet, musk, and ambergris.
  • The components are weighed, mixed, macerated, and filtered by hand in the tradition of its founder.

Wearing the best Creed colognes is a unique aesthetic experience. With quality this unmatched, it is challenging to select a favorite in the repertoire.


The Best Creed Colognes

It is universally recognized that Creed brews the best quality fragrances for men and women worldwide. With a wide assortment of options, it is certain you will find one to fit your palate. The following provides guidance on how to shop Creed fragrance.  

  1. Creed Aventus

Aventus is magical. Its top notes are fruity and sweet but after wear for a few hours, it ends with a leathery-smoky aroma. The blend of the top to base notes are masterfully combined to make a bold sensation to the nose. Top notes include apple, pineapple, bergamot, and black currant; middle notes include rose, Moroccan Jasmine, patchouli, and birch; and base notes include oakmoss, vanilla, ambergris, and musk.

If you want to display an aura of intelligence and strength, Creed Aventus is an excellent choice of fragrance. Although Creed colognes tend to be expensive, their superior quality merits the money spent. While this cologne’s longevity is great, its scent can be moderate to heavy for some people.


  1. Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed is a signature scent for Creed. Launched in 1985, it is still popular, especially among celebrities worldwide. This best Creed cologne is described as “a walkthrough along the Irish countryside” because of its notes of lemon verbena and iris on top; violet leaves in the middle; and ambergris and sandalwood at its base. These notes are combined together to make a fruit-forward, fresh sensation throughout the entire cologne.

The presence of floral and woody scents makes Green Irish Tweed unforgettable. The moderate sillage (the amount of time an aroma lingers in the air) complements the impression of a powerful but gentle masculine presence. It exudes a relaxing and romantic vibe that automatically influences the mood around you.


  1. Silver Mountain Water

Silver Mountain Water is a refreshing sensation; it is likened to an adventurous trip to the mountains of the Swiss Alps. True to its description, this fragrance is a cool and fun-filled adventure. It has notes of bergamot on top; black currant and green tea in the middle; and sandalwood and musk at its base.

Because of its recognizable metallic notes, many find this particular fragrance cool and refreshing. However, there are also some who find this fragrance mildly depressing. Although the idea of Silver Mountain Water Spray was for it to be sporty and playful, ironically, some find the mood it creates to be drizzly and downcast.


  1. Creed Vetiver

Created in 1948, Creed Vetiver is hailed as one of the most carefully concocted masterpieces of the Creed house. At its inception, it was not fully appreciated because other millennial fragrances (such as Aventus) were released by the company simultaneously. It is refreshing, cool, and clean. It is not as powerful as other Creed colognes but it projects a traditional gentlemanly vibe. 


  1. Himalaya

A masculine fragrance, Himalaya was created as a remembrance of a mountain-climbing expedition. It projects the beauty and timelessness of the mountains. Although many may find its scent weaker compared to other Creed creations, its subtly is refreshing to the senses. The longevity of this cologne tends to be moderate so you may want to spray it a few times a day according to your personal preference.


  1. Creed Bois du Portugal

One of the long-lasting fragrances brewed by the Creed house, Bois du Portugal is a masterpiece and an enchanting fragrance that has garnered a lot of attention since its release. The oriental and woody scents highlight a man’s masculinity, yet also hints at the man’s softer, more romantic side.



Selecting the best Creed cologne for you will be an enjoyable process with so many options from which to choose. As interesting as its history, Creed fragrances, although pricey, offer an impressive range to fit any aesthetic.   

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