How To Select The Best Cheap Cologne For Men

How To Select The Best Cheap Cologne For Men

Choosing the best cheap cologne can seem challenging. With so many fragrance options available, how do you know you are selecting the best scent to compliment your personal style? Is your fragrance attractive to others? Does the best cheap cologne smell, well, cheap?

Why You Should Wear The Best Cheap Cologne Always

Smell is our strongest sense yet studies show that 80% of men go without daily wear of a fragrance. This is due to:

  • a lack of exposure to the practice;
  • not enough education on the process;
  • and the misunderstanding that wearing cologne means an expensive investment.

 Even the best cheap cologne is confidence building, stress relieving, and appealing to others. It makes a statement about who you are, which is the best reason to wear it.

How To Select the Best Cheap Cologne 

What is most important, when selecting a cologne you love, is that you enjoy how a fragrance enhances you. As you explore your options, input from others is important but it is you who must appreciate it most. 

The method of choosing the best cheap cologne is surprisingly simple. It is helpful, when first starting out, to test if the cologne complements your natural body odor over the course of a day and responds well to your skin.

In between testing colognes, refresh your palate by smelling coffee beans or tea leaves. If you are in a store, avoid using test papers as it does not give the range of scents you will experience on your own skin. 

When it is time to purchase the best cheap cologne for you, buy smaller bottles of multiple fragrances so you can continue to narrow in on what you love; your preferences may change. Bottle size is usually between 1 oz. to 3.4 oz. but larger sizes may be available as well.

Yacth Man Metal

The Four Ranges Of Scent For Cologne

 There are four ranges of scent to choose from in men’s cologne:

  • floral;
  • oriental;
  • woody;
  • and fresh.

As you test cheap colognes, notice that each has lighter to bolder notes within their range that shine through depending on the length of wear and time of day or evening. Changes in your body chemistry and temperature play an important role in this.

Play with the different ranges of scent to see which is most pleasing to you. Spray or dab a different scent on each wrist. Pay attention to how the scents react to your body chemistry; you do not want to choose a cheap cologne that is too overpowering. As the saying goes, fragrance should be discovered, not announced.

What To Notice When Buying The Best Cheap Cologne For You 

Keep in mind that a fragrance, even the best cheap cologne, has a three-part cycle of strength and smell:

  • The lightest notes of a scent are detectable when you first apply the cologne and may last for only a few minutes. These are normally the most aromatic or citrus in odor.
  • The main elements of a fragrance are found during two to five hours after application. This is considered the heart of the perfume. During this time you will find the cologne’s most floral, spicy, or green elements will be detected.
  • As the day comes to an end, you will find that the boldest, longest lasting notes will arise to finish the cycle. The woody or smoky scents will appear.

David Beckham

The Best Cheap Cologne To Fit Every Budget And Palate

Brands of fragrances, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, are collections. Their scents are meant to have a familiar feel about them so that they make a lasting impression.

The following are four examples of cologne that are affordable, but not cheap in quality, that cover the ranges of scents that might be what you are looking for:   

  1. Floral: Adidas Moves For Men

Adidas is no longer a brand for just shoes and active wear lines. Their venture into the cologne industry has created this fragrance option as a wonderful combination of floral and masculine scents. Top notes of this cologne include black pepper, green apple, mint, pineapple, and mandarin orange. For the length of your day, the middle notes of cedar, lavender, and geranium flourish. The cologne finishes off with notes of sandalwood and thyme. This is a delicious cheap cologne for the first-time consumer.

  1. Oriental: David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray

Fame does not equal expense with this cologne, with no compromise on quality. This fragrance is as sexy as the star himself, which makes it an ideal cheap cologne to be worn for a romantic evening out. A stronger scent, notes found throughout its entire wear include bergamot, vetiver, mandarin orange, pimento, star anise, and patchouli. This is a very sensual product.

  1. Woody: Nautica Classic For Men

Nautica is a cologne staple, and for good reason. Their scents have a history of making men feel confident while being appealing to others. This best cheap cologne is extremely masculine without being overpowering. The top notes of this scent are a beautiful blend of lime, coriander, cypress, aldehydes, clay, sage, and lemon. Underneath are middle notes of geranium, rose, and caraway, which melt into final base notes that include oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and cedar. This is a classic, go-to cologne.

  1. Fresh: Yacht Man Metal By Myrurgia

This cologne is a fan favorite for its masculinity and accessibility. What makes it so appealing is that although it is best worn during the spring and summer, it works appropriately for both daytime and nighttime wear all year long. This cologne contains a unique blend of scents which include a number of different citrus notes combined with interesting spicy notes. It is finished off with musky and woodsy notes that are very appealing. This is an excellent choice for something fun and different.


Selecting the best cheap cologne for you is an enjoyable experience and enhances what you bring to the table. Have fun with it! And remember, just because the price is inexpensive, it does not mean that the fragrance is cheap.  



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